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Business is changing, it’s all about people, not B2B or B2C

28 Nov 2017

  We all know that understanding our customer is important, and over the years we’ve come up with ways of describing who we sell to. Segmentation can be complex, and there’s some creative ways of describing your market. You’ll hear terms like customer personas, buying behaviour, and other ways of trying...   more

Managing change can be more important than the process itself

08 Nov 2017

There’s an old saying that I’m sure everyone reading this has heard many times: The only constant is change. It’s an accurate one as we all experience fast-paced change in our daily lives, fuelled predominately by technology. This can be a challenge for many businesses. It’s no secret that many...   more

Why the future of work is brighter than you might think

27 Sep 2017

  There’s no doubt in the world that the nature of many things in our lives is changing. Technology is driving change more rapidly than ever before and it’s interesting to watch all the commentary on how it’s going to change our lives. Most of the commentary is positive, focusing on...   more

The future for business looks bright in Geelong

05 Sep 2017

All of us living and working in the Geelong region are very aware of the changes our economy has seen in the past decade. It’s been challenging for the whole community to witness the decline of our manufacturing base, which has been such a big economic driver for so long. What...   more

Focus on process early to avoid challenges later

23 Aug 2017

  With all the pressure on us today, from margin squeeze through to increased competition, it’s not surprising that business process is a hot topic. In the age of ‘do more with less,’ there are many forms of business process tools, tips, and technologies out there designed to help you streamline...   more

BTS’ War on Waste: Thinking globally; acting locally

02 Aug 2017

Of all the hot topic conversations around the world right now, the environment is pretty much top of the list. Whether it’s a personal or business viewpoint, acting responsibly when it comes to managing the waste we create is one area that should be a focus for us all. My family...   more

Technology buzzword bingo: It doesn’t need to be confusing

13 Jul 2017

  Technology today can feel like a bit of an alphabet soup. Whether it’s artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality, or Cloud computing, it often causes confusion on exactly what the technology is and what function it performs. In business the question often is: What does any of this mean? We all...   more

Why focusing on people is still the best business strategy

28 Jun 2017

  If there’s one thing we can all agree on it’s this: We’ve never been ‘busier’. Every day just seems to be filled with an ever-increasing list of priorities, whether it’s our personal or professional lives. This seeming lack of time across our lives has had a bigger impact in my opinion...   more

Improving your business processes can help deliver better client outcomes

14 Jun 2017

  If there is one area that frustrates most businesses regardless of size it’s business process. There’s plenty of research that shows improved processes positively impact your ability to deliver the right customer outcomes. Regardless of where you’re focusing – sales, marketing, operations or service - there’s plenty of benefits to...   more

Business in regional Australia needs a strong community focus

31 May 2017

A business colleague recently asked me about our community program. He wanted to know how we decided what to become involved in. It got me thinking about how business approaches engaging with the community. There’s a strong community feel in regional Australia, particularly in Geelong. It’s one of the core reasons...   more