To achieve true cost savings and performance gains from your printing and document management systems, you need to ensure that they are set-up in the right way, from the start.

At BTS, we adhere to a simple 4-Step implementation process to get the job done right, every time.

1.  Analyse

Firstly, we meet with you to evaluate your current and expected future print usage. During this analysis, we seek to gain a better understanding of your printing and scanning workflows, and clarify your business needs.

2.  Recommend

We then propose a solution that addresses the needs identified in Step 1. When we present this recommendation, we show you the workflow benefits to your business, as well as how much you could save by implementing the new solution. Often, we help clients reduce print costs by up to 30%, by:
  • Reducing the print fleet
  • Reducing consumables usage
  • Reducing copy costs
  • Putting print and scanning software to use

3.  Implement

Our dedicated implementation team work with your staff and IT team to implement your new print solution as quickly and seamlessly as possible, minimising disruption to your business. At installation, BTS will remove old devices and/or photocopiers and return to current suppliers (if necessary), and provide comprehensive training for all staff to ensure your new solution is utilised to it's full potential.

4.  Review

We are committed to keeping your costs down, and conduct a regular review of your print  and photocopier needs and usage to ensure you are receiving the best solution for your business. From these reviews, we make recommendations to help you improve your workflow and productivity and further revise cost.