Is your business storing valuable information and documents in paper?

By: Stan Corner

If the answer is yes, have you thought about how and why you should convert your documents into a digital format?

Here are the 7 top reasons why other businesses (maybe even your competitors) have made the change to digital document storage:

  • Risk that paper documents can be damaged by fire or water: If disaster strikes, flood and fire could cause you to lose your information forever.
  • Save on space: Paper takes up office space. Removing this enables you to better utilise your floor plan, or even downsize altogether.
  • Digital documents are easier and faster to find: Staff will be able to find documents from their PC rather than having to dig around in a file cabinet or the dodgy shed behind the office to find key information.
  • Being able to provide an instant response to customer enquiries: Speed up your ability to answer customer questions by making information more easily accessible.
  • You always have a backup: Digital storage makes it easy to back up files, meaning you will never lose critical documents.
  • Saves money: The cost to convert your paper files to digital is less than you think and can better utilise existing equipment and software.
  • It is more secure: Filing cabinets are hard to secure. Digital storage makes it more difficult for people to see documents they shouldn’t, such as HR or payroll details.

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